I am a passion-driven and experienced all-round media professional with many years of
experience in content creation.
My name: Irmgard Kuster and in charge of ‘IK Producties’ (established in the Netherlands).

I develop and implement cross-media content, communication and marketing strategies and project management. I know what is going on technologically so I am able to make the right translation: Close to the content but very much involved in the technological developments and possibilities that exist at this moment.

My passion for content I apply in two worlds: Holland and Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean). In both countries, I have managed projects and from both these countries, I get my inspiration.

My core values are reliability and integrity. That is why I don’t offer you slick polished sales pitches, but I am a great listener and very to the point. So both of us know where we stand.IK producties

And further:

  •  I am passionate about arts & culture, human beings and the society at large
  •  ‘IK Producties’ works with other freelancers or partners to get you what you need
  • I speak some other languages apart from Dutch, Papiamento, English and I can help                myself quite well with Spanish and Sranang Tongo
  • I don’t Blog or Vlog. I rather spend my time on clients. Ultimately via my social media,
    you can get better acquainted with my private life (especially when others tag me).

Do you want to know more of what I have done? Check me on LinkedIn or read more about the services ‘IK Producties’ offers.

If I have made you curious on how I can add value to you and your business, feel free to contact me.